Aston and Cote CE Primary School, Oxfordshire

Our consultant Lee Jeffries met with Mrs Cornell and Ms O’Hara in September to discuss their outdoor requirements.  The school required an area to use as shade as well as a story telling area.  The school placed an order for one of our Maxim Shade Canopy Systems which would be completely in green to compliment the natural aesthetic of the area.  The story telling area was to comprise of a story tellers chairs and some timber bench seats.  The area would be finished off with some of our resin bonded rubber bark and artificial grass under the shade.

Before Photos of the Installation Areas:

Aston before

After Photos of Completed Installation:

Aston after 2 Aston after 1

Before the installation, the area had some grass which was showing signs of wear with no useable shade.  Following the installation, the area has a small timber story telling area and a shade for all year round use.  The new surfacing under the shade provides all-weather access as well as covering the patchy grass underneath.  The installation took place during a sunny Autumn day which shows how the Maxim Shade Canopy works as shade.