Riverside Primary and Nursery School, Herefordshire

Mrs Taylor, the schools business manager, met with Mike Jeffries about the schools outdoor provisions.  The area within the school was a large grass area with no existing equipment.  The area was transformed into a multi-use space including a Maxim Shade Canopy, a Pirate Ship for role playing and a set of Activity Pick-Up Sticks.  Each of the items had an artificial surface laid around it which was linked with a black rubber bark pathway.  The canopy had an area of artificial grass, the ship had a blue rubber surface to create the look of the sea and the pick-up sticks had a brown/red surface for a natural look.

Before Photos of the Installation Areas:


River before 1 River before 2 River before 3 River before 4

The area was a large space of empty grass which was accessed from the school playground.  The school wanted the area to be used by a number of children at the same time with as many options of activity, role play and quiet time as possible.

River after 1 River after 2 River after 3 River after 4

The result of the installation is a useable space with different levels of activity happening within close proximity to each other.