St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School, Oxfordshire

Our sales consultant Lee Jeffries met with Mrs Pratt and Mrs Delany-White, the school business manager and head teacher, to discuss the schools requirements.  The area within the school was a grass area with some existing activity equipment.  The school were removing the some of the existing equipment from the area and were looking for an activity unit to replace these.  Lee quoted them for a Mezzo Pick-Up Sticks with Resin Bonded Rubber Bark safety surfacing.

The school went ahead with this and we installed the Pick-Up Sticks and Surfacing in September as the school returned from their summer break.

There is still some of the existing activity equipment in the area but the Pick-Up Sticks are a great option for high activity play providing an enjoyable and challenging environment.  The innovatively designed mix of ‘sticks’ and nets offer something for all ages and abilities.  The Resin Bonded Rubber Bark was installed in our Woodland Mix which creates a natural looking safety surface, giving the impression of fallen twigs and leaves.

Before and After Photos of the Installation Areas:

St Edmunds Before St Edmunds After

“We are delighted with the Mezzo and the children think it’s great!  The installation went really well – your guys were fab.”

Mrs Pratt

Business Manager – St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School