The Abbey Primary School, Northamptonshire

Mrs Robinson met with Paul Buick to discuss the schools requirements for their outdoor space.  The area was a large, unused and bare.  Using a mixture of the artificial grass and the resin bonded rubber bark, the surface of the area was transformed into an area for all-weather access.  The addition of the activity trail makes the otherwise wasted space a great place for the children to play.  The school chose a mixture of low level activity equipment to make up their trail.  This allows for all age ranges and skills to utilise the trail to the best of their abilities.

Before Photos of the Installation Areas:

Abbey before 2 Abbey before 3  Abbey before 4

The original area needed to be cleared and levelled before the installation of the equipment and surfacing could commence.  Once the activity trail was measured out and locations were all agreed, the trail was installed.  Each item of equipment leads from one to the other to create a continuous trail but still giving the opportunity for children to pick and choose where they want to start or which items they prefer to use.  The artificial grass framed the area with a practical surface while providing a natural look.  The resin bonded rubber bark provides a safe and all weather surface around the equipment.  The join of the rubber to the grass is an aesthetically pleasing wiggly line which also serves to join the two surfaces seamlessly.  The artificial grass was finished at the edge of the area where the existing wet pour surface began.

After Photos of Completed Installation:

Abbey after 4 Abbey after 3 Abbery after 2

The resulting final product is an exciting area where the children can play and use throughout the school year.

‘‘Fantastic- couldn’t fault any part of the process! Thank you’’

Helen Robinson

Business Manager – The Abbey Primary School