West Heath Nursery School, Birmingham

We visited the nursery school in July to discuss changes to their outdoor play space.  The nursery had an area that was being used for low level play equipment that was showing signs of degradation.  This required removal before the area could become a useable space again.

Mrs Jackson wanted the space to have a sand pit and a stone pit for the children to play in, each of these was to have a canopy over to provide shade.

Before Photos of the Installation Areas:

WHeath before 1 WHeath before 2

The original area needed to be cleared of the existing equipment and some of the existing plants before the installation of the new equipment commence.  The brick built sand pit was also removed and filled in to the same level as the existing surface, this was then covered over with a layer of EPDM rubber.

The area had been covered in a layer of loose fill bark chippings which has dispersed and compacted over time.  The timber bark rail was left in place so that the area could be topped up with new loose bark chippings following the installation of the pits.

After Photos of Completed Installation:

WHeath during 1 WHeath during 2

The stone pit had a side left clear to allow for wheelbarrow access.  The sand and stones were supplied by the nursery.  Each of the pits had some rubber buckets and pulleys to move the sand and stones around within the pits.

Wheath after 1 Wheath after 2

The sand pit had a protective cover to prevent access to wildlife.  The canopies were manufactured in all green rather than the usual multi colours to add a more natural feel to the area.

WHeath after 3

The finished result has made a huge improvement to the area which can now be used safely by all children.